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The goats and sheep of Sunny Haven Farm Animal Sanctuary

Welcome to Sunny Haven Farm Animal Sanctuary

Thank you to Whole Foods for being a long-time Sunny Haven supporter. We appreciate you!

Thank you to all who support our mission to make this world a kinder, greener and more beautiful place for all who share our planet. Please consider making a donation to our sanctuary and/or taking a tour of our sanctuary.

A tour at Sunny Haven Farm Animal Sanctuary provides visitors the unique opportunity of learning first hand how we care day to day for our precious rescued farm animals. Guests are invited to interact with the animals, learn their names and individual stories, and experience up close each of their lovable personalities. Visitors leave with the understanding that everything we do is based in the teaching and promotion of kindness , peace and environmental stewardship.

The ducks at Sunny Haven

 Experience the Magic

Everything about the Sunny Haven Sanctuary is special, including its unique Tucson location. Our property is a magical oasis!
Where most animal sanctuaries are located in rural areas, Sunny Haven is peacefully tucked away, hidden inside the town itself, just minutes from everything yet free from the hustle and bustle.
Our convenient location provides a great opportunity for community members, schools and students of all ages to come visit and learn about farm animals. We believe that children who are taught kindness to animals from a young age generally will extend this goodwill and kindness towards people as well. 

We provide visits educational tours by appointment only. Please email or call us if you want to visit.

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 Help Promote Kindness to Farm Animals


Our sanctuary is named after Sunny, a sheep whose mother, Lady, was rescued from a meat/wool farm while she was still pregnant with Sunny in her belly. Since Sunny was born in our sanctuary, he will thankfully never know the life his mother endured as a sheep in a wool farm prior to coming to live with us.  There have been other mothers within our sanctuary, who, along with Lady, would never have had the opportunity to keep and raise their children had they not be rescued by SHFAS.


We are committed to not only rescuing farm animals but also to rescuing, whenever possible, the closest family members so that they may all live and grow old together without fear and surrounded only by love.    

A Place of Peace

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