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The happy ducks of Sunny Haven Farm Animal Sanctuary

Sunny Haven
Virtual Adoption

ADOPT a Sanctuary Farm Animal

Virtually adopting one of Sunny Haven's precious residents is a great way to help our sanctuary to make ends meet. As a sponsoring parent, you simply make a commitment to donate monthly or annually on behalf of the animal you have chosen. 100% of your sponsored donation will go towards the care, feeding and special needs of the animal you adopt as well as towards the Sanctuary's medical needs when they arise.


At Sunny Haven, our commitment is to provide a standard of care that keeps our animals happy, healthy and feeling loved. This means serving our residents only the best in organic food and grains and ensuring that all medical needs, if any, are met expediently. Medical emergencies can be a costly expense, especially when there are so many animals to care for and not all local veterinarian clinics accept/or trained to care for farm animals and those that are must perform on-site treatment. 


PLEASE CONSIDER SPONSORING AN ANIMAL FROM SHFAS and, in return, we will provide you with updates and an annual calendar featuring new pictures of your Sunny Haven virtual adoptee.


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